An Initiative to Promote Women’s Cricket

Picture Credit: Female Cricket
Picture Credit: Female Cricket

The Rise of Women’s Cricket

The history of women’s cricket goes back a long way – perhaps, the first mention of it lies in a report in The Reading Mercury on 26 July 1745 that talks of a great cricket match between the villages of Bramley and Hambledon in Surrey. The first Women’s Cricket World Cup was held in England in 1973. The Indian Women’s Cricket Team, also known as the Women in Blue, however, made their ODI debut in the 1978 World Cup.

Since their debut in the 1978 World Cup that was hosted in India, to the ICC Women’s World Cup 2017 that was revolutionary in more ways than one, women’s cricket in India has come a long way.

Cricket Academies in India

The HPCA Academy at Dharamshala became the first cricket academy that started providing residential facilities for women players, setting an example for many. An elaborate region-wise list of cricket academies may be found here.

Located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and with an aim to open centres across the country, Female Cricket Academy is an academy exclusively for girls. They provide professional cricket coaching and impart valuable skills to girls of all ages and encourage women’s cricket at the grass root level.

Picture Credit: Female Cricket
Picture Credit: Female Cricket

A Praiseworthy Initiative

Female Cricket ( is a one-of-its-kind platform that is dedicated exclusively to women cricketers. Apart from reporting updates from the world of cricket, they also share stories of success of women cricketers – acknowledging their hard work and motivating millions. With a vision to inspire, they are actively addressing a number of problems as well.

With a large number of eager minds following their social media handles, Female Cricket has already been instrumental in talking, spreading and creating awareness about the game. They have also been delivering quality and relevant resources needed to nurture one’s game. Right from inspiring stories and interviews of cricket stars to sharing news, articles and updates, they have sure helped promote the game. Furthermore, they also provide and inform of relevant opportunities.

Be it stories of women cricketers of Indian origin who played for other countries, inspiring quotes by admired cricket stars, or even interviews – this platform has it all.

With a mission to be a one-stop solution for all things cricket – from sports equipment, cricket coaches, cricket matches and even sponsorships for deserving talent – this initiative by Female Cricket is definitely praiseworthy.

The Road Ahead

The ICC Women’s World Cup 2017 has no doubt brought about a revolution in the viewership of the game. It has brought the game into the limelight and the game continues to garner more fans. It has also inspired many young girls to take up cricket professionally.

“I would definitely recommend a girl to take up cricket if she is passionate about the game. I think the current team has paved the way for it and provided a platform for young girls to take up the game as a profession.” -Mithali Raj in an interview to Times of India

As young talent is honed and the popularity of the game increases, cricket moves a step ahead. With the multiple positive initiatives being taken, and accomplished role models to look up to, I believe that the future of women’s cricket in India is in safe hands. And that with each passing day, the game continues to reach even greater heights.

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