IPL Schedule 2018

IPL Schedule 2018

The Indian Premier League is set to begin on 7th April. Fans are already rooting for their favourite teams. The squads have already been announced. Vote for your favourite IPL team and player here!

Here are the details of the matches of what is likely to be a most exciting IPL tournament.

IPL Fixtures 2018

Date, TimeTeamvTeam
7th April, 8:00 pmMIvCSK
8th April, 4:00 pmDDvKXIP
8th April, 8:00 pmKKRvRCB
9th April, 8:00 pmSRHvRR
10th April, 8:00 pmCSKvKKR
11th April, 8:00 pmRRvDD
12th April, 8:00 pmSRHvMI
13th April, 8:00 pmRCBvKXIP
14th April, 4:00 pmMIvDD
14th April, 8:00 pmKKRvSRH
15th April, 4:00 pmRCBvRR
15th April, 8:00 pmKXIPvCSK
16th April, 8:00 pmKKRvDD
17th April, 8:00 pmMIvRCB
18th April, 8:00 pmRRvKKR
19th April, 8:00 pmKXIPvSRH
20th April, 8:00 pmCSKvRR
21st April, 4:00 pmKKRvKXIP
21st April, 8:00 pmDDvRCB
22nd April, 4:00 pmSRHvCSK
22nd April, 8:00 pmRRvMI
23rd April, 8:00 pmKXIPvDD
24th April, 8:00 pmMIvSRH
25th April, 8:00 pmRCBvCSK
26th April, 8:00 pmSRHvKXIP
27th April, 8:00 pmDDvKKR
28th April, 8:00 pmCSKvMI
29th April, 4:00 pmRRvSRH
29th April, 8:00 pmRCBvKKR
30th April, 8:00 pmCSKvDD
1st May, 8:00 pmRCBvMI
2nd May, 8:00 pmDDvRR
3rd May, 8:00 pmKKRvCSK
4th May, 8:00 pmKXIPvMI
5th May, 4:00 pmCSKvRCB
5th May, 8:00 pmSRHvDD
6th May, 4:00 pmMIvKKR
6th May, 8:00 pmKXIPvRR
7th May, 8:00 pmSRHvRCB
8th May, 8:00 pmRRvKXIP

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