Mithali Raj – Inspiring Millions

Mithali Raj | Photo By Harrias - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link
Mithali Raj | Photo By Harrias - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Mithali Raj – Inspiring Millions

Mithali Raj has inspired millions in more ways than one. As thousands of young aspirants look up to her, let us take a look at her journey and how this cricketing genius has inspired a whole generation.

For children of today I would advise whatever field they choose they have to give time to grow and not hurry up to get overnight success. The old saying goes; there is no substitute to hardworking and individual sacrifices as they reflect your priority. Success demands sincerity and perseverance at every stage. – Mithali Raj in an interview with Brainfeed Magazine

Right from the day she scored an unbeaten 114* in her ODI debut against Ireland in 1999, to her continued onslaught of match-winning innings’ to this day, Mithali’s game has been exemplary in every manner.

But perhaps there is more to her story. For Mithali Raj has been a pillar in women’s cricket all these years – since the time when women’s cricket in India was under the aegis of the Women’s Cricket Association of India. The merge with the BCCI occurred much later in 2006. All these years, when the game had little incentive and encouragement, it has always been pure passion that has fueled the game.

Over the years, as the country had eyes only for men’s cricket, Mithali continued breaking records and reaching greater heights. In 2002, she registered the record for the highest individual test score with a staggering 214 against England. It was under her leadership that the Indian Women’s Cricket Team made it to the final of the 2005 World Cup. And twelve years later, it was once again Mithali Raj who led the team to the much talked about 2017 World Cup. Mithali continued achieving new milestones. She became the first woman to score 6,000 runs in ODIs and also registered a record for most number of consecutive fifties in ODI matches. But this World Cup, something was different. A revolution had begun. So this time, when India played the finals, it was at a sold-out Lord’s. This time, when India played the finals, Hotstar recorded 1.9 million simultaneous viewers – something the Economic Times termed as an inflection point in women’s sports.

Mithali Raj at the Women's Cricket World Cup 2017 | Photo Credit - Wikimedia Commons
Mithali Raj at the Women’s Cricket World Cup 2017 | Photo Credit – Wikimedia Commons

Words of Wisdom

Her list of achievements goes on, but Mithali Raj’s optimism is also something we all applaud. With each passing day, women’s cricket continues garnering more viewership. With multiple positive initiatives underway, there is reason enough to be optimistic about the game’s future.

For sure it is happening and five years down the line it will be a different sport to what it is now. – Mithali Raj in an interview with the Economic Times

Perhaps it is the years of experience, but Mithali’s words of wisdom never cease to amaze her fans.

Cricket experts always talk about keeping things simple. But what I have figured out in my long career is that the hardest thing to do in a crisis is to keep things simple. – Mithali Raj in an interview with the Times of India

She has inspired many a women cricketers by her perseverance and dedication. She has inspired them by her game, her skill, her journey and her passion. But not just cricketers, she also remains an inspiration for women across fields, careers and countries. Her determination and her diligence will continue to motivate generations to come and as she breaks the glass ceiling in cricket, and as women from all walks of life draw inspiration from her, she has become so much more than a cricketing genius.

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